Employee Relations

Employee Relationship Management

Managing employee relations in an organisation is a critical responsibility of both the management and human resources department. It is pertinent to establish and maintain a harmonious working environment across all roles, levels, and teams. Setting boundaries and managing expectations during onboarding creates a lasting impression which dictates employee actions and choice of relationships they build throughout their whole stay. As employees are a major asset in any company, it is vital for them to perform collectively and contribute equally to achieving the company’s goals.

At S&K HR Consulting, we strive to build collaborative relationships between employees which greatly affects their performance and satisfaction. In addition, we create cross-functional teams, encourage social interaction, equip employees with communication tools, conduct team building activities as well as organise regular meetings with top management. Led by qualified and experienced HR consultants, we partner with you to resolve any employee relations issues. To avail of our employee relationship management service, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Service Inclusions

Specialised HR Advice

We take pride in delivering unparalleled HR advisory services to clients across the region and providing practical HR support to both SMEs and large-sized. Our HR advisory is designed to enhance team productivity and performance, as well as ensure employees maintain a harmonious workplace built on sound HR principles and practices.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We are passionate about employee satisfaction at the workplace and work with clients with this drive to understand employee satisfaction levels in their organisation. We make every effort to find out how happy and satisfied employees are through satisfaction surveys, focus groups, audits etc. This further allows us to determine areas of strength and also areas that require improvement. We help our clients build a meaningful relationship with employee, thereby boosting their morale and ultimately satisfaction to give their best to the organisation.

Absence Management

Employees are entitled to time away from work to rest and recuperate through a number of different leave types as per UAE Labour Law. It is recognised to promotes health, wellbeing and increase in productivity and engagement. Adequate and regular breaks also reduce the risk of human errors that can cause significant financial impact and even property loss. At S&K we provide expertise to companies to proactively manage leave. We develop policies, procedures, tools and templates to assist their line managers in managing these entitlements effectively and efficiently such that employees benefit from their entitlement without interrupting operations and loss of manhours. Where there are concerns about absenteeism and utlisation of absence provisions, we provide intervention consulting such that they are addressed, and resolved to the best interest of the business.

Performance Improvement

The difference between a performing and poor performing employee can have a major impact on the overall productivity of the team and business. Underperformance can be as a result of various reasons such lack of tools, skills, experience, trainings, demotivation etc. We assist clients by providing tools and techniques to evaluate each employee and make relevant decisions based on the root causes and train line managers to create meaningful and action-oriented improvement plans in consultation with the employee.

Investigations & Support

At S&K HR Consulting, we take pride in ensuring that your organisation’s employee relations process is just and fair by thoroughly investigating the allegations and understanding the true cause. This includes disciplinary, grievance, and whistleblowing investigations. In all three instances, we are able to advise on laws, policies and procedures to deal with their respective dilemmas and provide an independent and objective view to the investigations. We endeavour to support our clients to ensure employee matters are resolved amicably. We have worked with organisations and supported them in multiple high profiles employee relation cases. We can also be the independent party at the table to ensure business is conducted the way it should be conducted.

Labour Case Preparation

We assist companies who have received claims of labour dispute or being threatened by a disgruntled employee or where the companies has a case to file in arbitration or labour courts. We have years of experience working alongside business, relieving them of the burden of preparing and submitting a response to any dispute claims. We work closely with you are well equipped to present your side of the case. Our wealth of knowledge and HR operational experience will be at your disposal to ensure that your company’s interest and reputation is protected.

Exit Interviews

In addition to staff satisfaction surveys, we also conduct exit interviews for employees who leave your organisation. The information allows us to further assess areas that not only require improvement, amendments but also understand what works well. Feedback and insights would also help in letting the management and HR know more about employee experiences and concerns if any.

What We Can Do for You

Our focus has always been to provide companies with business driven, people focused advisory in every aspect of people managements. Through this service we can help you:

  • Gain clear understanding of overall employee experiences and relationships in your organisation.
  • Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism amongst employees.
  • Create policies and procedures that are compliant to labour laws and other applicable regulatory authorities.
  • Gain access to a trusted partner to manage employee relation cases confidentially, sensitively, objectively and professionally.
  • Access reliable and timely support, guidance and advice in dealing with workplace issues and difficult employees as and when they arise.
  • Improve or boost employee morale through outcome-oriented plans where you can measure your return on investment.
  • Prepare and equip you to defend your company against any disputes.
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